Forging Steel Products´ main market focuses on small to mid sized and technically complex pieces, as well as their ready-to-assemble supply.

For this We have four press lines and  four hammer lines (From 1.600Tons till 3.000Tons and from 6.300kgm to 16.000kgm), where we can make parts starting in 0.5kg up to 100kg, a die-cutting workshop and a machining workshop, that grant us the flexibility demanded by our multiple customers.


We offer co-engineering solutions and continious product/process improvement in collaboration with our clients.

We develop new processes in collaboration with our clients to meet their needs.

We automate and incorporate innovative processes that allow us to increase the value of our existing and new products.

R & D

Our NEUROEDUCATION and working environment  DEPARTMENT  is responsible for our employees wellbeing. Here they find answers and solutions to their emotional concerns.

This department aims to generate a gentle working environment oriented towards well-being using modern tools such as Mindfulness.

Happy workers, happy companies.



This term is used to define the highest virtues, refer to the outstanding.

At Forging Steel Products we understand it as a continuous improvement in our skills, both professionally and emotionally. We always try to provide the best tools to develop a friendly coexistence, with full attention in the bussiness activity, which ultimately generates an optimal business health.

Talent + Will= success

(Knowledge + skills) x attitude = EXCELLENCE


Our production is classified in 4 main areas of expertise: Movability, Energy, Machinery and Engineering. Click on the sections below to access detailed information about how we work each of the fields.


Establishment Year




per annum


Our Quality Management System is certified according to the most recent updates of ISO 9001 and IATF 16949. This guarantees Customer Satisfaction by succiesfully delivering with all requirements, as well as those of our internal Management System.


Aside from this, our Environmental Management System is also certified according to the ISO 14001 standard, which ensures a solid environmental sustainability performance by controlling the environmanetal impact of our activities and products.


Finally we are also certified by the Deutsche Bahn for the manufacture of forging parts with rail destination and Bureau Veritas in BV MODE II SCHEME


Ethical Code

Forging Steel Products, promotes an ethical and responsible behavior in the development of its activity, even beyond the obligatory compliance with the law.


At Forging Steel Products we are commited to producing optimun parts with minimal no no harm to our environment in all our activities.





For all types of questions, comments and concerns; please call us: 946 30 00 30 or complete the form below.


Forging Steel Products

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Forging Steel Products´ competitive strategy is based on meeting and exceeding the expectations of both our customers and the environment. This enforces us to continuously improve both internally, our management processes, and externally with our suppliers.

For this purpose Forging Steel Products publishes this SUPPLIER MANUAL, whose compliance is considered a fundamental requirement.